Neglected yos need a new loving home!

Well, these have been laying around for a while, and I need a little cash to get a new yo.

So, to start the show off, A nice black Spyy Addiction.

I’m going to say it’s mint, but I did at one time have some marks on it, but I can’t, for the life of me, find them anymore. I’m asking 80 for it.

Next up, is a beautiful classic aqua blue YYF 888. -Traded :3

This is a well played throw. The color is worn in some places and there is one small pinhole on the side of one rim. It can be yours for the price of $50.

Next, in this glamorous line-up, is a YYJ Copperhead.

This yo has been played well, and it shows. It’s roughed up and beat up, but still plays like a dream (a very heavy dream.) $25 will bring this brute right to your hand!

Last, but not least are an eye-catching green YYJ Lyn Fury and an overwhelming orange YYJ Kickside!

Both are in very good condition, and play unresponsive. They’re yours for $10 each, and 18 as a pair!

All trades and offers within reasonable terms will be considered. My desired trades are: a CLYW Sasquatch, and a VNYYC Battosai. I will put up a little cash for differences in values for trades. Add at least $5 dollars for shipping. I will ship to the US and Canada.

888 is gone, in a fine trade.

ill buy the addiction pm the price and details

The Addiction is gone in an amazing trade :3 Almost gave up finding that throw.

I don’t know why, but I missed your post, bro. Sorry about that…