I am willing to sell or trade for pretty much anything, i dont have a wants list because I havent really sat down and thought about it too hard. 
But feel free to offer anything,  I pride myself in quick and thorough PM responses.

I carry my iPhone on me at almost at times and can be in touch 24/7, so dont be shy.

If you are buying please pay by PAYPAL only.


PM me if you want close up of any of the damage on any yoyo

  • SPYY Addiction v2, Pink Acid Wash, Mint OFFER

  • CLYW Fool’s Gold Avalanche, 28 Stories, Mint with box OFFER

  • BBYY TT Twister, Urban Camo, One minor scuff TRADED

  • YYF G5, Silver, 2 noticeable scuffs, do not affect play NOT GONE, OFFER

  • YYF 888x, Black, Mint OFFER

  • YYF DV888, Red/Blue, Various minor nicks, nothing major at all OFFER

  • YYF Loop 900 Pair, Shaqler Edition, Mint PENDING but still offer

  • Yomega Maverick, Silver, Various Minor dings along the rims TRADED

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How much, ballpark, are you looking to get out of the wooly marmot?