LF YoYoJams

I’m looking for YYJs that still have their caps. Basically any color but black or white. It would take too long to list all the different models I’m interested in. No trades, I’m just offering PayPal cash. It would help if you have pictures and a price in mind. Bundles more than welcome. Thank you.

Neon yellow on yellow Hitman with the spacers, 25 shipped. Good shape!

Shoot me a PM with your e-mail - have many many from initial proto release through 2008-ish time period - all near mint, most with packages and some rarities (enyo and HG plastics). Refocusing collection and don’t need this many YYJ.

I have a mint yyj GoBig and a grey dark magic 1 if you’re interested

You still buying yyj? If so pm me and I’ll let ya know what I have. :slight_smile: