LF: YYJ Classic *MINT*


Title says it all

EDIT: Looking for red/black (both colors, doesn’t matter about the cap or body, as long as its red and black)


This guy’s got a bunch of mint ones for sale. A little less than ten bucks each.


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Really good feedback, too.


This is really not helping -.-


My intent was to help. Your post asked for a mint YYJ Classic. I provided a link.

Did I miss something?


You know that’s not what I meant

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Where are you going to find one any cheaper? You can’t even find them on eBay for less than Andre sells them for.


The only reason I’m looking for them on forums is because Andre already sold the colors I want


Then in might help to specify what colors you are looking for, since there are about a bajillion combinations.


Well, then you should still see this ^ ^ ^
Select red body/black cap (there’s 12 available)

However, I know you’re a young kid. If you don’t have the ability to pay for something online, you may have to ask your parents to pay for it and you can give them the cash. Good luck!


I’m 13, and its actually for my dad(its a surprise) so asking him/my mom (she’ll tell him) to order it for me will ruin it.

Last time I checked they had 0. They must’ve restocked.


Your post says you are looking for a YYJ Classic red/black or black/red… how do you plan on acquiring it? I’m willing to help but the details are a bit unclear.


If by willing to help means you have a Yyj Classic that’s black/red or red/black that’s mint and you can sell to me than help me. I plan on sending a money order and pay for priority shipping and since my parents work before the mail arrives I can easily get my package, hide it, wrap it and put it under the tree on Christmas Eve.