FS: Lots of yoyos!! CHEAP! Previously owned by Jensen Kimmit!

Selling a lot of yoyos, very cheap for there condition! PM if interested in any or just post here. ONLY FOR SALE, NO TRADES!

Additional pics will be added if asked.

Mighty Flea- mint, comes with a pack of string and velvet bag/case=== $45

Jensen Kimmitt Edition Superstar- Mint, still in box,not opened===$115

YYF Genesis yellow/black acid wash-, still in box mint!==== $76

YYF G5 Pink -still in box, mint, with z stacks!====$60

CLYW Super bumble bee Campfire ( half grey/half yellow) -mint, comes with center track and k pads.=== $75

YYF Northstar(s)- I have 2 orange 1 white, all are mint except 1 orange has a black scuff that does not effect play=== $25 each

Nobu painted FHZ- it says duncan on one cap, 44 clash on the other, responsive, not modded I believe. mint- $30

YYF original DieNasty, one blue and one red- still in boxes mint. === $17

Tom Kuhn Flying Camel, wooden yoyo, mint, fixed axle, smooth===$15 SOLD

There will be a $6 USD price add to each yo-yo because of shipping rates and the yo-yo’s will be shipped in priority mail flat rate boxes.(It will be only $5 still if you buy more than one yo-yo)


@Clyw1, i would do 60 for g5 , no way 65 for the campfire, its 1/1 ( not 100 percent sure its 1/1, but im 90% sure) and mint with center track and k pads…

@northstar yoyoman … read the post, “NO TRADES”

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Stop it.

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