FS - Lots High End, Rare and Unusual - PRICES REDUCED

Time for me to cut loose a bunch of yoyo’s. Follow this link to my Previous Closed FS Thread and reply here or PM if there is anything you are interested in. Sold and available items should be up to date below.

I will send you a verified PayPal invoice. I’ve been more of a collector than a thrower, and have some new interests I need to fund. I’ll be adding new stuff daily so check back often, more than 50 yo-yos to be sold. Pretty much everything is Mint with Box - opened it up and threw it carefully for 5 minutes, then put it in a drawer. I’ve got lots more photos, just PM if you’d like me to email some to you. All prices are shipped USPS Priority Mail Insured, within one business day.


Some pics of part of my collection, although its quite a bit smaller now…


Mint - with plastic box, but not everything else that came in it, just the yoyo. Thrown for 20 minutes then put away - perfect. YoYoFactory Titanium Dream - blue (but looks like one side is purple and the other side is blue?!?!) - $200

Mint with Box - Oxygene Hyperion Blue - $400

YYF Ricochet - Mint with empty plastic box, no paperwork etc. - Silver - $150


Mint in Box - newer thrown perfect - very cool unusual traditional japanese color/finish - Yoyo Studio Llama - Trick Motion Kuchiba - $200

Mint in Box - newer thrown perfect -Yoyo Studio Llama - Mjollnir Ringo Red - $240

Mint no Box - This one came direct from Yoyo Studio Llama and was described as “Laser engraving is somewhat blurred” as you can kind of see in the pick - no engraving at all on second side. Was sent with a second longer axle and some inner spacers (Duncan?) to also play it wider and are included. Thrown for about 5 minutes and put away - I can’t see any mark of any king anywhere. YoYo Studio Llama - Karpediem red - $140

Mint in Box - Perfect, may have been played with a few minutes - Yoyo Recreation Laser - rare Slate Blue color - $215

Near Mint in Box - As you can see in the photos there are some scratches on rim - the photo makes them look much more obvious than in person - think this is from sliding around in drawer or box while on side - don’t appear to be on the opposite side - thrown for only a couple minutes perfect otherwise - - Yoyo Recreation Dreadnought - Silver - $150

Mint in Box - Perfect, may have been played with a few minutes - Yoyo Recreation 6 SIX - Gold - $120

Mint with Box - 5 minutes of play - Duncan Freehand Mg Magnesium - $150

Yoyo Monster Agonist (original model) - Mint - raw silver - $230

Mint - Turning Point Palpitation - Pink silver - $210 - SOLD

Mint with bag - Turning Point Leviathan 7 - grey/silver - $225

Mint, except for tiny pinprick seen at bottom of photo near rim, seems only in anodizing, I can’t feel it with my fingernail, anything else is dust - sOMETHING Anglam 7075, dark pink - $230

Mint no box - sOMETHING Anglam 2 - Otto Knows Edition - $210

Mint with Bag - C3 Berserker SS - Black/Yellow/Blue acid - $160

Mint no box - Perfect may have been played briefly - Yoyo Joker Double Joker LF - Dark Pink - $70


Mint with bag - YYF - Mighty Flea 2013 - Silver - with 100+ mighty flea strings & 8 sets of pads - $50

Mint - Turning Point - MinimumBet - Pink / Gold - $80

Mint - Turning Point - Tarasqus - Blue - $80

Mint - sOMEThING - Angle XS - Black - $55

Mint - YYJ - Micro Mo - Orange/silver - $45

Mint - Magic Yoyo N8 - Red - $40

Mint with Box - C3 yoyo design Token - limited Rewind edition - Green Swirl - $30

Mint - YoYo Skeel Solid - Purple - $50

Mint in Box - Dream Yo - Pixy - Valentine’s edition- pink/blue - $65


Mint no box - King Yo Star - Hop King 2 - Purple - $60

Mint no box, except this yoyo had a paper “monster” sticker in the center which I removed - YYF Monster - Purple - $75

Oversize, Large & Heavy

Mint in Bag - C3 yoyodesign H5 - Blue Cloud - $100
Mint with Bag - C3 yoyodesign H5 - special SaveDeth edition - Purple - $100

Mint in Box - Chico yoyo company x Sam Ungerer Heavy Hitter Type S - $80


Mint in box - only out for pics - Japan Technology Ultimate Eagle, Blue - $130

Mint in box - only out for pics - Japan Technology Shift Change, White - $115

Mint in box - only out for pics - Japan Technology Eagle Eye, Green - $130

Mint with Box - ROC Whale - white - $55

Mint with box - Vosun V8 - white - $40

Mint with box - B.W.W. Tsubasa Onishi Bulk - white - $95


Wow some very cool stuff in there. I’ve literally never seen a Mjollnir for sale before in about a year of looking :smiley: it’s … 104 grams in case you were wondering :hammer:

Also something special in there for you @yoyodoc

I need that Six in my life. Agonist, Palp, Dreadnought, minimumbet, Hyperion, so much good stuff… Blast from the past of all of the yoyos I wanted but never got :joy:

That pixy engraving is super cool too.

Aaaand I miss my Laser :sleepy:

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