FS: VERY rare Severe, 888x, Die-Nasty, and more! NO TRADES.

(Jesse) #1

Sadly I’m not really into throwing at all anymore and I’m willing to part with all my yo-yos. I’ll take pretty much any offers on all of them and seeing as it IS the holidays I’ll accept almost any offer that’s not a ridiculous lowball. NO TRADES AT ALL, only cash.

Here’s what I have.

Yoyojoes EditionOrange w/ Blue Splash YYF Severe
Original Severe, Yoyojoes edition. Only 12 of these were made, so it’s super rare. A few dings and scratches but nothing big. Plays (and looks) beautifully. This used to be my prized possession and there’s a lot of sentimental value behind it, so it’s probably going to take a really good offer to get this one off me.

Black YYF 888x
Bad bearing, missing a hubstack o-ring. A few little dings and scratches, nothing very drastic. Still plays like any 888x.

Red YYF Die-Nasty
Mint condition except for the caps were blanked. Plays great.

White YYJ Dark Magic
Pretty dinged and scratched up, but I think it still plays great.

Green Duncan FHZ (Severely Modded)
Caps taken off, weight rings added, sanded, pad recessed. Plays amazingly, just a little loud.

So yup, that’s it. Offer anything as long as it’s cash. I’ll post pics soon and I can send specific pics by request. Happy Holidays!

(system) #2