FS: Black Markmont. Classic, 28 Stories Fool's Gold BvM2, Aqua/Gold Shutter

Selling my babies to help my financial situation - which has not been great thanks to medical reasons - plus I decided it would be good to cut down my small collection of yoyos to just one.

I have taken plenty of pictures, which I hope suffice, but will be happy to provide more upon request.

Sale conditions:

  1. There will be no strings attached. Literally. No strings on the yoyos. This is simply because I assume most of you guys have plenty of string. However, I am happy to include pink poly strings upon request.
  2. As shown in the pictures, each yoyo comes with a well-fitting neoprene drawstring pouch (clip included so you can attach to bags or pants). I got these pouches off ebay and am happy to toss them in for no extra cost. However, should you somehow have a strong hatred for neoprene, I can ship them without the pouches.
  3. Have four basic bearings that I can include to sweeten deals. These have been kept carefully sealed and well-lubricated to protect from rust. The number of bearings I will include will depend on which yoyos are bought/how many are bought. This is negotiable, I simply want to make it fair for all buyers.
  4. All prices listed include shipping with tracking. I will be shipping from Australia, so shipping will take some time to reach further countries like the Americas/Europe, if you’re from these places.
  5. Prices are negotiable, but lowballers will be ignored.
  6. There are no original boxes. I did not ever think I would sell these, and thus did not keep the boxes.

Please note that any and all flaws pictured do not affect play, and are limited to small scuffs that break ano slightly. There are zero dents; no flaws can be felt while holding it in the hand. They play like new yoyos.

Black Markmont. Classic  USD$70
FG BvM2 (small, hard to notice ano flaw. plays like an A grade CLYW) USD$80
Shutter USD$30

Buy all three for USD$160! Again, reminder that prices include shipping.

Click http://imgur.com/a/Cp6gg for the whole album. 24 photos. I took 24 photos in total. For 3 yoyos. I am an honest person. Trust me. Buy my yoyos. Please. Am also willing to offer my firstborn to sweeten deals.

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Would love one but don’t have the money right now


mint in box?
Do you ship to Hong Kong?
And can you sell it on ebay?