all my collection for sale!! Markmont next, undeniable genesis, ogopogo BvM

Hey guys. i stopped yoyoing some time ago, so im here to sell my whole collection. these prices do not include shipping. i will inquire wear you live and attempt to get an estimate for shipping.

Cases and Accessories:
This first case holds 12 yoyos. it is made of an old laptop case, so it is protective. it has outside pockets for parts, lube, gloves etc and inside slots for any papers, or string. -20+shipping

the other case i have holds eight yoyos. it is a leather bagammon case, that looks like a breifcase. it holds 8 yoyos for travel, and has small compartements under the yoyos to hold a bottle of lube, or 3 or 4 extra strings. -15+shipping

I have around 110 assorted strings. about half are slick 6 yellow polymer from yoyoexpert. the other half are orange red and yellow polymer strings. - 8+shipping

i have some freehand weights from the duncan freehand yoyos. i have a couple bouncy balls, a panda head, a regular die, a die with the face on it, and a couple homemade dice.-5+shipping

Broken grey protostar. i only have the two halves, no bearing or axle. im not sure whats wrong with it, but i thing it stripped or something. -whatever some one wants if for

Modded freehand 2. flatrimmed, satined, recessed, siliconed, added a minor thumb ridge inside the cap. no bearing, but has spacers. no caps -15+shipping

Yomega saber raider. mint. i can put this bearing into the freehand. -7+shipping

Plastic grind machine. satined and siliconed. there are some cosmetic scratches, but you shouldnt be able to feel them with your finger no stickers on the sides- 15+shipping

yellow protostar. mint- 22+shipping

yoyojam fiesta. has sharpied on arrows i can most likely remove. has some small scratches from offstring. -14+shipping

yoyojam new breed. half is grey and the other half is dyed brown. original one, no solid spin axle. the lines on the brown side were made when it was cast, not cracks. siliconed -30+shipping

bear vs man ogopogo. some slight scratches but are smooth. 85 bear minimum+ shipping

yoyofactory undeniable genesis. some scratches around the rims. has been smoothed over. i also have the dvd. 70 for genesis 10 for dvd 75 together.

Markmont next. mint. only used around 20 times. has orioginal pads in and bearing. 85+shipping

post or pm your offers. i dont want any trades. thanks guys, pics below



even more


whyd you quit :’(

idk. i just fell out of it. ive been busy with highschool and everything going on

what is that green yoyo with blue splash that you have?

What pics of the cases do you got? Can i see them seperately? If we deal for any of the “4” cases you got, it’d be easy, i live on Staten Island too. :o

the green with blue splash is the bear vs man ogopogo. i will put up new pics of the cases today

Is the grind machine stacked or not? Cuz you said stackless but the one in the pic had stacks…?

sorry this one is stacked. i forgot i sold my other one. here are the pics of the other case. sorry for being late. there is only one case left. i guess i sold the rest a while ago.

i suggest you keep the green protostar just in case you get back into it

do you still have a stacked grind machine?

sent pm