Duncan Imperial junior

I have been lurking a while and finally registered. Not sure if you guys can help me with some information. I have an old Duncan Imperial junior Mickey Mouse yoyo that I got for Christmas a number of years ago. I received it new in 1965 or 1966. I has just been sitting in a desk drawer for years, so I have considered selling it. Problem is I can’t find any past sales or info of the value.
The sites that I have visited would not offer any value information but they wanted to buy it, or donate to a museum.
Can anybody offer some search info or your input on value?

Thank you in advance,

Wow that is a cool Yoyo and here’s a link about a similar Yoyo that was already sold you might want to see price wise.

And here is more info on That Yoyohttp://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_1192013 it gives info on it that may be useful for pricing wise

I’m guessing the price point to be around a few hundred dollars, I searched about it a bit and found a similar yoyo on Ebay for around 250$. Contact Mr. Yoyo trader on here, he might know a thing or two about this yoyo.

I didn’t post to another Yoyo store I posted to different websites was that wrong? I am starting to question if you even went on the links because those weren’t Yoyo stores. Oh and I found the Yoyo you had you may be disappointed though these yo-yos still have the packaging on them so there a little priced higher, but you could get some serious cash if you see this link on the price of the yoyo to get you an idea of the ball park http://www.antiquehelper.com/item/303556

Thanks for your help guys.