Duncan Jewel

I just found a Duncan Jewel Yo-Yo in my house that I actually bought and moved into over a year ago. I am not too familiar with the yo-yo world so I’m at a dead end trying to learn this piece’s life and value. It is black with one auburn jewel in the center and merely says “Duncan Jewel” around the jewel. I am not educated enough about yo-yo’s to even know if this is an original Duncan or if it is a reproduction. Please give me any information that you can. Thank you!

Gosh if only there were some sort of magical system, an engine, if you will, where you could search for information on items and topics which you know little about.


It’s not going to be worth much.

Hi there. I can see you new to the forum.
All I could find about this yoyo was that it was around during the 1980s, seen in this video:

It definitely a cool find, and I would keep it.
Hope this helps

Thankfully there is magic in your having shared the direct link to this piece. I had been on thestrong.org and had given up before finding this exact piece. Thank you

Sorry to break it to you, but it isn’t going to be worth much of anything. They were mass produced beyond belief and hold little to now value.

Save it for a while and have your kids play with it someday.

Since it doesn’t sell for much, it’s worth about as much as you like to yoyo.

i know one thing about duncan jewels there highly collectible if its an original but by the looks of how it looks its not that old it is said that duncan jewels can go up 1000 if its real for collectors ;D so you might have some money on your hands

haha, Not even close. like 6 bucks. on a good day.

Please cite a source on this. I would really love to see one.

Same here.

I’d love to see a source that proves to me she was speaking English.

You guys are way too catty for this innocent question.

Good evening sir, I’m sorry that your yoyo is not worth very much. It is however a great yoyo to play and enjoy. Have fun!

Thread fixed.

I was trying to be nice.

Here is a source http://creekbed.org/collection/yoyo.htm it’s a true place if it’s real there’s some money on your hands

The only one even remotely similar to what he showed us was priced at $50. And that one is still about 20 years away.

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the one’s your talking about are the orginal’s, first run. Not the, 1000 run that he has.

Thats what I said if its an original