Ok Yoyojam?

I was playing with my KickSide and my bearing stops spinning. I thought it was the bearing so I took it out a flicked it. It spun fine so then I looked at the bearing seat. The starburst bearing seat was partly melted!!! I managed to fix this but what happened Yoyojam? Any reason why my bearing seat melted?

same thing happened to me with my lyn fury… I used a knife and scrapped the bearing seat. No need to go screaming off at yoyojam though; use manners.

If you cleaned the bearing, then played w/ it directly afterwards, mineral spirits melts plastic.

I’m just asking and I didn’t clean it at all today.

Hmmm. How long where you playing for, what bearing was it?

Correct me if im wrong but celcon is chemical resistant and isnt affected like other plastics by mineral spirits

Not sure, I don’t even care about the types of plastic XD But I know at least one kind o’ plastic gets burner by this stuff. But he said he neever cleaned it.

He said that he didnt clean it TODAY. :wink:

I saw that! i didn’t mention lol.

Yep, true! :wink:

And please change the title. It is not like we don’t know what *** stands for. So you might as well spell it out and get told by a mod or just change the name and make a lot of people happy. :wink:


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Ok. Contact yoyojam. I beleive there E-mail is yoshi@yoyojam.com

Did you buy it from here?

What happened? What did you do to your yoyo recently, string, any problems during play…

The same thing happened to my DM, but I’m sure it’s just 'cause I left it in the hot car all day.


plastic is plastic, and no plastic is 100% resistant to chemicals.

scrape it off, clean your bearing again, and don’t put it back in until it is 100% dry.


Grammar nazi strikes again 8)

Not really that nessacary but ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, I think that is just Yoshi’s email. :wink:

I always blow the spirits out with compressed air and I rather not bother yoyojam about this.

I was right… If you want to discuss this with yoyojam…
feel free to click that link and read what the email is lol.

The same thing happened to me on my YYJ Lyn Fury. it looks like the axel half of the yoyo’s bearing seat is chipped but i might have misread that as melting. The thing is i’ve never ceaned my Lyn Fury’s bearing so i am just curious on how this happened? Also I read that it can be fixed by scraping the melted seat out?