Oh No! HELP!

oh no my new protostar is now responsive. last night i took it apart, the bearing was stuck to the side opposite of the axle and i tryed getting it apart with a knife and some plyers but it didn’t work. i gave up and put some yyj thin lube on the exposed side and let it seep in on the stuck one then put on pollyester string(100%) then tryed it. when it came back on a jerk i got scared and washed the yo yo and reaplyed the lube. now the arrows on the side dont line up and its reasponse but unresponsive enough for plastic whip. HELP :’( :’( ???

its the bearing, the arrows dont matter i dont know why there even there! you probably locked up the bearing, spin it on your finger, if you feel a rough spot then it is a gonner or its probably in its brake in process

The pliers should have the circular shaped cutters. You can take the bearing out with that.

Try buying a new bearing… that will help!

What did you “wash” the bearing with?

You can do plastic whip with wooden fixed axle yoyos, so that doesn’t really say anything. Besides, why does it matter that it’s responsive? Playing that way can be fun and can really smooth your play out. Also, just so you know, having the bearing on one side or the other doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s in there.

lube makes it more responsive. then you cleaned it, and if you cleaned it properly, the lube would have gotten out, and you re lubed it. how much did you use? you only need a drop from a needle.

plus, how did you “wash” it?

i washed it with just water and the “repsonsive” question has been answered. while messing around with the plyers and knife i must have dislodged the response pads. its fixed but how do i get da bearing off of the side??? ??? :’(

You should not put water in you stainless steel bearing. Lube is not water soluble. Unless you use a binder (soap) which it worse. You need to use a solvent to clean your bearing

That’s where you stop.
All I can say is that you should’ve verified and looked into “washing the bearing” on the forums or on another website before you went along with it.
Water + Metal = BAD.
But at least this will be a good lesson to remember!

Check your bearing for rust. I would suggest cleaning the bearing properly this time with mineral spirits, and if you need to replace the response pads with flowable silicone.

But this can be a big hassle and if you’re not up to doing all that you can always buy another ProtoStar. They’re cheap. :smiley: A PGM works decently as well.

i did that! lol