New to Yoyos have a question about the civility and responsiveness.

I recently purçhased the civility and recieved it a few days ago. I was under the impression it was to be dead unresponsive but it is in fact very responsive i have cleaned the bearing and it is still extremely responsive as i said im completely new so i dont know what to do but its frustrating trying to learn and it smashing me in the hands. Any help or advice is appreciated thanks.

One thing is make sure your string tension isn’t loose and if that don’t work try some thinner string

I’ve found Kitty Fat string to snag quite often with my Civility, like the above said, try thinner string. It also comes with a ceramic bearing, which some have claimed doesn’t need thin lube. Did you lube it after cleaning?

Did you buy it new or used? If used you might just need a new bearing. If new I would contact the store you got it from since it’s not working properly. They will likely send you a new bearing. (and if they don’t I can recommend a place with great customer service! ;))


Have you tried spinning the bearing with a good flick/roll of your finger, while it’s mounted on one half of the yoyo? If not, try it. If it doesn’t spin for several seconds, really eight is about minimum, then it is indeed some issue with the bearing.

Lol, at your fav yoyo! ;D

I know this might not be the answer you are looking for, but you could try cleaning the bearing. However, do lube the bearing afterwards.
I’ve also found that, if the yoyo’s slamming your hand hard, and it hurts, I try to de-responsive-ify it with a softer plastic yoyo (in my case the Sage), to ease the pain.

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