N12 Troubles

I got the n12 in the mail the other day.this is my first metal, so I didn’t know if i was lubed or not. I wanted to lube it myself so I tried removing the bearing, but it wouldn’t budge. i tried pliers, drill bits, and the string trick but none worked, so I decided to lube it without removing the bearing. Now its become unresponsive to the point of binds not always working and lower spin times. Id really appreciate some help on what to do.

  1. You never need to take the bearing out to lube it.
  2. Unresponsive + Lower spin times together as a result of lubing the bearing is highly unlikely. I’m not exactly sure how to respond to that since lower spin times is due to more bearing friction, which causes the yoyo to be responsive…
    You need to give us more details.

I think I over-lubed it. I tried to put in a small amount but I probably put in more than I realized. The bearings might be less responsive from the thin lube making it more slippery, but the lube is getting in the way of the bearing while spinning?

You spilled some on the pads making them slick.

ok, thanks. ill make sure to wipe them down well

I find that rather contradictory.
With basically any liquid lube on the market the more you apply the more responsive it should be. More responsive bearing always means less spin time.
Now, there are two “responsiveness” term in yoyoing that is rather misunderstood. One being more grippy response, another is the bearing dragging the string.
If you throw your yoyo down and try to tug it back, and then the string dragged around by the bearing, that is responsive bearing, regardless if the yoyo actually returns to your hand or not.
If the yoyo doesn’t want to return regardless of how you bind it, then the response is probably not grippy enough or has been worn out, regardless if the bearing is responsive or not.

That being said, it seems to me that you spilled some of the lube around the response area.

Im pretty sure that I spilled some on the pads. Since wiping down the pads, binds have been tighter and spin times have gone back to normal.