Offstring yo-yos

I want to get into 4a.

I want a good offstring yo-yo ( with rubber rims of course ) for less than $30.00.

Since this is a yo-yo website,i’m sure plenty of you do 4a.

Thank u for postin’ :slight_smile:

before this gets moved i just want to ssy that even thought its not that good the yomega xodus two is a nice offstring for 20 bucks. plus it comes with an instructional dvd which is no help at all so i watch it just to laugh at how little they explain each trick


with rubber rims you have to get the shinwoo griffin wing, for 15 bucks this beats many others… and it has strong huge rubber rims…

do not get the yomega xodus. its responsive and you can do much better with a fiesta from yoyojam for a similar pice. the instructional dvd that comes with the xodus helped me a lot because of the slow motion so idk what that other dude is talkign about. i dont think the fiesta has rubber rims tho

I would get the pocket change and fast offstring its what I use for 4a and is really underated

read the op :slight_smile:

they said rubber rims.

anyway, shinwoo griffen is GREAT

I suggest the Hayabusa. It has rubber rims, and is highly rated.

surprised no one’s said it yet. If you can find one (it’d have to be used) I’d go with an aquarius. you can usually find them around 20ish on the b/s/t