What do you recommend for off string beginners?

I’m wanting to introduce something new to our Yoyo club and would like to start 4a. What are some good yoyos for starting to practice with. I certainly don’t want to bang up my good 1a throws and I don’t think they’d bind well anyways. Since most 4a throws are plastic they seem to be a lot cheaper. Obviously the rubber rims would protect against damage, but is there a trade off with performance?
The new Skyhawk looks great! Has anyone tried it?

played a chinese knockoff skyhawk and even that PoC was already better than aeronaut.

In my experience rubber rims are grippy when they hit the ground so they run away from you on bounces and the bounce is less consistent than single material offstrings. I always recommend the fiesta XX for beginners because it performs great and its large so it’s easier to catch. And if you find you dont like offstring you only spent about $20, and if you stick with it fiesta XX is also a competition level throw.

For these reasons, it’s my personal 4a recommendation

I also would say to go with the fiesta XX. They are definitely my most used 4a yoyos, even over my high end JTs. I don’t mind bouncing the Fiestas off the concrete, or walls, or TVs…
I would also recommend buying 2 of them. While learning, you are going to be doing a bunch of running around, having another yoyo right next to you will save you some of that. Even after 4 years of off string, I still spend a lot of time fishing yoyos out from under my couch.