Offstring Setup

I want to start trying offstring and I couldn’t find much information about offstring yoyos or what string to use for offstring. What do you guys use to play offstring?

I use a go big and it seems to work well

As for string, I just use plain normal kitty string

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If you have a smallish budget big yo, fiesta xx, or go big.

I actually started with a fast 201. The fiesta XX is a really good first choice. Even after you get good, the fiesta will still be among your favorites.

For string is it better to have soft string so it doesnt burn my fingers or stiffer whippy string?

It’s really your choice.

Use normal string. You can use whatever you want, but it makes very little difference. Normal string is the cheapest, though.

Use whatever string you use for 1a. I even use the same legnth. The fiesta xx is great!

Just a little side note, does anyone know how to take out the caps from a fiesta xx?

Put tape on them, and then use a suction cups. The tape eliminates the problems caused by the letters on the caps.

Why would you want to take off the caps? Just curious.

thumb grinds and things of that nature

I believe that you can use any responsive yoyo for offstring, granted some are better than others which is why there are specialty offstring yoyos.

As I said, I started with the fast 201. One might argue that smaller yoyos are good to start with because they make you master your throw. Big yos will pamper you, and you will have trouble when you start using fiestas(because they are so much smaller).

Fiesta xx is great. Plays very nice and I favor it just as much as my expensive delrins.

I have a fair number of off-strings. I’m mostly playing a Jet Set EC for off-string. I am a big advocate of “right tools for the job”. If you want to do off-string, get yoyo design for off-string.

In general, you can use whatever string you like. I prefer, as with 1A, a softer and thicker string, which also makes open whip binds easier for me.

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I like the Aeronaut. The ONE is good too as a not-offstring offstring yoyo.