First time off string today


I took my Yomega XODUS II with me when I went juggling today and playedwith it for 20 minutes before I started juggling. The throw was a little tricky. The Kyo mount / catch was a little more tricky. What I seemed to have the most trouble with was the bind to get it back. I did manage to do it once.


I used to have a Xodus II, which is what I began offstring with. Recently, when I sold it, I gave it a couple throws (offstring throws, that is) and I realized that the gap is really too big. That might be why you are having trouble with the bind. I recommend the Big Yo, which I now use for 4A. It is easy to bind.


Yeah, I have a Xodus II, and I tried offstring with it for a while just for fun, with not so great results. It as really sleep binds, which I think are probblt because of the response system and that the gap is so large. If you really want to get into offstring, I would say get a Go Big or a Fiesta XX. A Big Yo would work fine too, I’m sure.


I was just comparing stats on gap width and responce systems. I am leaning towards it being the responce system.


I use a Hayabusa SL from Duncan. I’m horrible at offstring but it’s really fun to do when I’m bored.

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Big yo is a pain in the butt. Aquarius is still amazing. I have a green sparkle and a bright blue I got from John Narum way back when. Hayabusa is decent for tech stuff. Go big and equinox are my favorites though.


I really wanted to start offstring so i picked up my yyj journey to try, but i miserably failed, so I bought a fiesta xx, and i kinda miserably fail at that too… The only thing that I can do is throw catch and bind. I tried to do barrel rolls with it, but it just stopped spinning. Idk why.


If I get a BigYo or Hayabusa which strings should I buy?


Just practice more. You also want a really clean bearing.

Get a Go Big or Fiesta XX, it will be much better. I find it just as easy, if not easier to catch a Fiesta XX or Go Big as I do with a Big Yo.

As far as strings for any off-string, you’ll want any 100% polyester string. Later on you might want something like a Type X or Trixta or anything else that says it’s stiffer and holds whips and loops open better.

With a Hayabusa, I’d recommend against thicker strings due to the small gap. For the Big Yo, clean out that bearing, tighten the gap to it’s smallest point(nothing major, just tighten it down normal) and silicone if desired. Thicker strings help a touch but are not necessary, but a string in decent condition is critical.