4a throw.


Im a beginner at offstring .right now im using yyj journey and its not easy to catch. im looking at the yyj big yo, and yyj fiesta xx.I also want it to be able to do some easy 1a just to be funny.so what do you guys and girls think i should get.whats your preference


big yos are nice and easy to catch, but they’re really, well, BIG. You can’t do some tricks with them. I would say Fiesta or Fiesta XX

(Brandon1) #3

Fiesta XX is an excellent choice for offstring. But if you think you are going to get into advanced offstring, a YYJ Equinox [more expensive] is also an great choice. :wink:


which one is easier to bind with?


The big YO is super easy to bind with.

I also have an Aquarius and Fiesta XX. I can’t catch 4A very well, but I’m not really ready for it yet. I’d say they are the same since they are designed for 4A. However, I think it’s most important to get accustomed to what you have for 4A first. Be patient and get your basics down.


i have always liked the big yo so im going to get it and once i get better im going to get the fiesta xx