Off string throw!

ok. whenever i throw my off string yoyo, (Xodus II) i have enough time to do most of the tricks, but when i try to add on another it slows down so much i cant bind it back up! any tips?

Try to pull back as the string hits your pointer finger, this will pull harder on the yoyo.

Yea,if I were you I would get a different yo-yo. I also have an Xodus II And I find It has week spins. I can throw any of my others and have plenty of spin time. I would recommend the Big Ben, the Aquarius, or the BigYo. ;D

yeah i have a birth day coming up so im gonna get a BigYo!!! and thanks my yoyo is spinning longer.

Honestly, I’ve had longer spins on my Hayabusa than on my Bigyo, The Bigyo’s better for the standard array of offstring tricks, Especially orbits and the like. If you want to do more tech stuff, Get a Hayabusa.

It’s all a matter of style, IMO.

Agreed 100%!

I don’t like the BigYo, a little to unresponsive so I can’t bind easily and I can’t get a string throw and long sleeper with it, I would choose Hayabusa over any other OS yo-yo. The Big Ben… Meh, it uses a C bearing so SUPER large gap which makes longer spins, but harder to bind and mine cracked when I was playing OS when I missed a whip. If your Xodus has loose binds, try adding a little thick lube, but not a lot to make it snag.

Once again, I have BigYo, Hayabusa, Big Ben and had an Aquarius, and in order from favorite to least: Hayabusa, Aquarius, BigYo. Big Ben.

... IMO

ok thanks ill get a Hayabusa instead!

I would say just use a regular plastic or delrin yoyo that sleeps well. I use a Spinfaktor HG for my 4a and it works great. Sure it’s not quite as easy to catch but it can still be done easily with a bit of practice. Plus, then you can use a bigger one later and everything is much easier because of it being so much bigger.

Yea, I throw offstring sometimes with my k-os extreme, but I would have to recommend the big ben over the others. It is just a matter of personal preferences.

ok i will look into some off string yoyos and find which one is best for me

Actually, you can also do a regeneration before going into another trick, right?

Yea, but he seems kinda knew to offstring so that might be a little hard for him.