Offstring Loose Returns

I am stuck on trying to learn loose returns, I whip the string into the gap and I can feel it go through the gap and try to catch but it wont every return. I have looked through this forum and all over the internet, but I cant find any decent information on the trick. There is a video that duncan made but it is totally worthless and does not really talk about it. I have tried differnt mounts that spin the yoyo in differnt directions and it does not work. Does the type of string matter? like using cotton string instead of poly? or how fast I whip the string, because even how hard I whip the string it does not go out like I see in contest videos - HELP! THX ;D

You want your yoyo to be more responsive for whip returns. If you have an adjustable gap yoyo, then try tightening a bit. If it’s not adjustable, try a bit thicker string.

With some offstring yoyos I’ve used with larger gaps (equinox and fiesta xx) I couldn’t do whip returns. But with my go big, aquarius, and big yo I could do them pretty easily. Maybe try either using thicker string, thick lube, or a slim bearing?

Type 9 or 10 string? Poly or cotton?

Bumb ;D

Make sure your whipping it from the right side.


Also, make sure you’re not catching the yoyo too far down the string. At least at first you may want to catch it closer to your hand until you get good at it.

just sayin’… I finally did it with my fiesta :slight_smile:
I used g string, which is thicker than yye poly.

The right side? ??? You mean whip the string from the right side and then into the gap of the yoyo? I’m a lefty so from the left side into the gap? Also with a fiesta XX I found that you can put a narrow bearing in it with three thin shims and it makes it responsive enough with cotton string to be able to do leg or back burners and loose catch the string. But it gets a little snaggy :stuck_out_tongue:

I just landed it ;D It takes a little finese, you dont just whip it into the gap. What I found helped is to throw a forward pass mount and hop it into the air (not too high) and pinch the string with my throw hand about an inch or two form where the loop is attached to my finger. When the yoyo is falling to about shoulder level, I whip the string under the yoyo and then quickly raise my throw hand above the yoyo and then back towards my body. That movement tugs it enough to snag and return to my hand. I have not perfected it yet but I can do it with just about every offstring yoyo I have, even the new Fiesta XX which has a very wide gap for an offstring yoyo. I hope this helps anyone and PM if you need tips or would like to talk about offstring playing and tricks. :slight_smile: