off string help

so i just got my fiesta xx today in the mail im landing it on the string fine but the hardest part for me so far is the string not releasing the yoyo and tips on how i can get it to release?

You bind and then on the next throw it won’t release?

Just work on your catch and throw. You just have to get used to how much string to put into the gap. It just takes practice. Also, each off-string is a bit different, but if you can one, you can do any with a few minutes of adjustment.

Otherwise, try throwing a forward pass, then throw your regular front off-string throw a bit harder and see if that takes care of it.

im doing a forward pass to start off and then if it comes off the string i land it on then bind it. the problem is when i wrap the string on it and do a forward pass doesnt release often. am i wrapping to much string when im winding it?

If it is sticking right as it is supposed to come off the string, then you might be leaving too much overhanging string when winding, or you might not be winding tight enough. If this happens after a bind, try to get a more evenly tight bind, all the way up. This happened to me for a long time, I just slowly figured it out.

mine has the same problem he has to little over hang which is causing the excess to bind really tight around the axle as it unspools. might just be with mine but just try allowing about a inch and a half of excess to hang off after your bind.
A note about the XX if you drop it hard to many times the bearing seat (the side without the axle) will actually get pushed out (i believe) making an extremely tight and unplayable gap. you can fix it by just pushing it back in really hard from the out side.

ok thanks for the tips guys i have rage qauite on this so many times today haha its frustrating like learning to yoyo all over again