Offstring Help

Hey, I’ve been trying some offstring lately with my flying squirrel. I am getting pretty good at the catch and bind, but i’ve been having some trouble on the other tricks. I just can’t get the yoyo to sleep for more than a couple secounds! I was thinking about getting a big yo 2, but would that sleep longer than my squirrel.

Thanks for all of your help :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

they both can sleep for abou t the same but the big yo a bit more because the squirel is to light and you night want to look at the hayabusa or the bigyo which ever one you want

Bigyo would be a very good choice.

Out of all the 4A yoyos I throw, its the one that seems to perform the best.
Durable, doesn’t snag like other 4A yoyos.

Really nice play.

And best of all, its big so its easier to catch.

I say its a good choice.

Good luck with whatever you choose!


ok, but could you tell me how to get my yoyo to sleep longer, i don’t see how i’m suposed to throw harder without hitting the ceiling

Off-string is pretty different, it takes a lot of practice to get great strong throws. I know what you mean about only spinning for a a few seconds. What helped me the most is keeping the string as centered as possible. Takes a bunch of repetition to get it right.

Higher doesn’t really mean faster though.

good point

[THanks for all of thee help, I’m going to try to get a Big Yo 2 as soon as i can


If you go with a BigYo, it has a large gap AKA making the binds a little bit loose. You should lube the bearing or something to have tighter binds, tighter binds mean more powerful throws with less height. Not that height is a bad thing, but may be a factor for indoors. This is why I prefer Small gap yo-yos, such as the Aquarius.

Watch some videos and see how pros throw, this helps me a lot. John first throw in this video shows it well:

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DUDE!  He’s epic in that video!  Who won 1st in 4A that year?

John Did!


Yea, John is the Beast of all Beasts.

I <3 Offstring…

Tots Mahgoats.

The BigYo2 is a good choice, but to get a better sleeper for 4a, throw harder and then right at the last second pull back. Learn how to do the brain twister mount and you’ll be able to throw harder sleepers (from a regular 4a throw) because you can pull back and keep the yoyo nice and low with still having a good spin.