official- horizon yoyo company information- we want your help

this is our new company ! we are run by me carter bliss and nick azavedo! we have two prototypes coming soon ! one is my signature throw :: a slepiner with a smalll step down and the inner circle and nub from the chief and nicks signature: a mix between a superstar super g and code 1

we want your help !!! we want sponsered players to promote us !!! and what are your colorway ideas ? let us now !! our throws should be out soon and will be sweet so go buy horizon !!!

  -carter bliss. :)

I’d like to see the design… That superstar, super G and code 1 mix is really interesting.

Colors? I like solid blue and solid silver… Like the team edition YYF back in the day… Awesome.

Good luck man…

Chiepnir and Super code G

I like solid colors. Blues, silver are best for me. Gold isn’t bad. I’m kind of trying to stay away from darks, but that isn’t always happening. If you’re going with colorways, don’t get too nuts! I thnk when they get overly busy, they only look decent spinning.

It might get difficult to get sponsored players to promote you, as they are already sponsored somewhere else. Conflict of interest. I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price for your models, and as a exchange for the nice pricing, I’d give these a review. I’m not good enough to be sponsored and I like to be able to buy and use whatever I feel like.

With freshman companies like GSquared, Square Wheels and I think Monkey Finger Designs and Rebel Designs coming out with impressive first offerings, the bar has been raised for new companies to put out unique yoyos that are on par with stuff in the $90-150 range. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

thnaks for the input studio:) we arent looking for amazing players to promote us just players that arent to old or to young in the teen range that have potential to go far ie: keiran cooper and wilson van gundy im good friends with them and they could possibly be on the team!

as for colors well probabaly do like 5 solid colors for the first run and like a pink yellow splash and a yellow with blue acidwash splash

Website and would love to promote you and I own weaver strings look us up on facebook

Black and silver acid wash with a green splash!

Are you telling me that your designs are directly based on other peoples? Combination of Sleipner and Chief? Come up with your own designs, don’t feed off of others. Being influenced by other peoples designs is one thing, plagiarism is another.

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Well, he only state what yoyo inspire his design, just to let us have some hint on the shape.

Until the actual design came out, I guess its not right to just judge him like that.

And that’s is why we need some teaser of the design…

I got the impression that he was just combining the designs of two pre-existing yoyos, but I guess we will find out when he posts some pics.

Are you saying I’m too old? Just kidding! The only potential I have to go far is based on how much diesel I have in the truck’s fuel tank! As far as being a player, well, I’m rather under-performing!

Save me one of each design in a blue or silver and I’ll buy them at your contest coming up. Gimme a good price! I’ll definitely review them. theroybit and I are kind of getting into a review thing. He does the fast reviews, I do the in-depth reviews, and we’re incorporating images into the mix. We can compare them to MOST of the yoyos you mentioned, as between the two of us we have most of those.

Either way, I’m waiting to hear for your contest’s final scheduled date so I can book it in my calendar.

So… Any update of the design?

So… Any update of the design?