Official 2019-2020 YYE Fantasy Football League Thread


One more needed, then let the trash talking begin!

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I’ll do it :grinning::football:


We’ve got all 10 teams now. They are:


This should be a fun league, looking forward to it!


Is 10 the max?

The league I play in yearly with friends has a TE spot AND a WR/RB Flex spot. I like the idea of having to play a TE, even though it can be tricky to find a reliable one that scores well. All part of the challenge.


We could add more, but in years past it’s been so tough to find enough teams we stuck to 10. Maybe we can expand it next year, but I think we’ll be leaving it at 10 for now.

That is how this is setup by default. There is a WR/RB flex spot and a TE. But if the majority want a TE/WR/RB flex in addition to the WR/RB flex we could adjust that. I’ll make a poll and see what everyone wants.