Offering My Modfing Services!

Right now I can only do basic things but he are the services that I offer!

Plastic Mods
Flowable Siliconing(when I purchase more:P)
Reshap depending on the throw on how extreme the shap desired
My custom scotch brite finish(works best on protostars and north stars) I can also wipe of the logo and made in china crap :stuck_out_tongue:
*scotch finish way way way less harsh then sandpaper

Bearing Services
Cleaning services(dry or wet upon request)
Deshielding or reshielding(this service is only avalible when requesting a bearing clean)

Metal Mods
Satin(I recommend a yo yo you don’t care to much about)
Scotch Brite finish(doesn’t take the anodizing off! Simply makes the finish smoother, will restore the finish
smoothness or make it smoother, gets rid of the problem of yo yos string cutting!)

Plastic Makeover: what ever you want that I’m capible of doing(will include, finish(scotch brite or sandpaper), bearing clean(wet or dry), and flowable silicone when I purchase some:P

Metal Makeover: Satin of a throw you don’t care about, or custom scotch brite finish restore or improver. again includes bearing clean(wet or dry), and flowable silicone.

Message me with what your interested in and I will give a price estimate and amount of days it will take. Thanks! I’ve got 5 more 100% positive feedback over at yoyonation, also have had around 5 flawless transactions but no feedback recieved on my half even though I gave them feedback :frowning:

You might wanna include some pictures of your work…and learn to spell shape…

Taking pictures of my modded protostar work now, and iPod correct sucks lol…