OD Valor

(Erik Kerber ) #1

Here’s a video I made with my One Drop Valor.

What do you think?


Good job. And am I correct in assuming that you used your trick circle trick in there?

Anyway criticisms:

  1. You included mess-ups
  2. You touched the water with your yoyo :o :o :o :o :o :o :o, how can you dare to do that?


WHOA! If that is your trick cycle trick, then this may be a problem. Mine starts out so very similar to that.

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Yes I did use my trick circle trick.

And yea I included a few miner mistakes because it would have looked bad if I had edited them out.

And yes I touched the water with my yoyo. as long as you just skim it across the top its fine. Now if you submerged the whole yoyo than that might cause some problems with the bearing. :smiley:


Yeah, I get that, but I think if you were just a little more patient you might get better takes.

Really? Seems like a drop or two might find its way in.

(velez_adrian) #6

you should see my trick circle trick zorro. Hahaha


I’ve seen Logi’s, velez_adrian’s, mine, and Erik’s, and they all start with a slack I think.

(Erik Kerber ) #8

It could happen but if it did I would just clean the bearing.


I water got in, I don’t think cleaning would be the solution here…

(Erik Kerber ) #10

The mineral spirits would wash the water out I think