"Vacation" a Yoyo Video

I filmed this in May of this year when our family was on vacation and recently put it together.

Tell me what you think!
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you shouldnt put your yoyo in the water

It’s not going to hurt it so long as he dries it off.

Personally I think it had too much time were you weren’t yoyoing, approximatly 2 and a half minutes. Other than that it was pretty good.

I just put the rims in it, not the full yoyo.

:-\you might want some acting lessons. but we all are a little cheesy on camera. Your tricks are great though. But i did cringe when you put your rims in the water

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I know I was SUPER BAD at the acting… I laugh when ever I see it, LOL!

And there is nothing wrong with putting da rims in da water, I still play with the yoyo even today and it works fine…It’s ok. :wink:

That’s a great video! Very long, though.

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the music kinda gets monotonous, but overall it was good!

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