I want some for my yoyo now,…


Why would you need it for your yoyo?


I dropped my Equinox, Fiesta, and Go Big in the river while camping. Dropped my Equinox in the Fountain last meet. And personally I would love to try and spin a yoyo on water without having to dry it after wards.


You wouldn’t be able to put this stuff on your bearings. So even skidding them on water you’d still need to take it apart and make sure your bearing is dry.


As long as I don’t have I dry the yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

How about yoyo string? Yoyoing in the water would be epic!


I’d like to see someone dunk themselves, complete yoyo, string and all, in that stuff, tie some cinder blocks to their feet and make a yoyo video underwater… I’d watch that.


Again, can’t spray the bearing. But fixed axle would work!


I love science.

(kclejeune) #9



I’m going to douse myself in this and swim in a public pool.


LOOOOLLLLL did you guys read the top comment?
It was a little gross…
I wish we could actually spray this on a yoyo…

Wait… What if you spray it in water!


It would just sit on top of the water.


Dang when they poured the chocolate sauce on the shoes, I tripped so hard I skinned my knees!


Me: Sprays this stuff on myself then goes in to pool

World: Explodes


That would actually be very harmful to your skin, but I would love to spray my swimming trunks and I swimming.


I would imagine this stuff wouldn’t be very popular in use at wet t-shirt contests…