OD side effects still available?

Are side effects still being produced? seems like many, specially the spikes, are out of stock everywhere. Are they discontinued or just very popular to buy that they are all out of stock?

They’re being produced still! They’re a little slow coming at the moment, our machine has been acting a little funky lately. :frowning:

But no worries my friend! We have a handful of Spikes that need to be assembled. I’ve been slacking.

That will include RSM’s too right? :stuck_out_tongue:


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But seriously why not? Stunt pegs, RSMs, what happened to the non-traditional side effects? They’re obviously in demand…

But seriously, people liked the idea of stunt pegs and then asked for refunds after trying to use them. Same with RSM’s, everybody wanted them until they tried them and realized that 11grams is a bit much to add. I love that all the other designs are now considered traditional though, that really speaks to their success.

oh! That’s good news. Love the concept on SE’s. hope they come relatively soon.

Yeah, they’re coming. This is an interesting thing to address while I’m here. Many people think that because a machine has a Computer Numerical Control(CNC), that’s it going to act like a typical computer periphery. You know like a printer or CD burner or something like that. And that once you’ve got your design all worked out you just upload your drawing into the machine and perfect parts magically pop out to your exact spec. The reality is that they are complicated things that require a lot of attention, don’t do what you expect, and sometimes you get a lemon(even after spending $100K on the the thing). But we’ve got ours fixed up(again) and the flow of SideEffects will continue.

Oh god, QC on CNC is such a pain. I remember when I used to work in a aerospace factory and completely shutdown operations cause something would end up coming just slightly out of spec…sigh.

Yoyo tolerances I assume have to be pretty damn spot on which makes it that much more surprising we are able to get these throws as cheap as they are!

Keep up the good work OD!

They’re both going for >$50 on the secondary market if you can even find them at this point so there’s clearly some demand out there for them. Not sure what scale you need to justify a run but it seems like there would be some purchasing of them.


Ahem… http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg140/theflooper/icons/whipit.gif


haha. That’s awesome…