Side Effects From Onedrop

I’ve been on the hunt for side effects for my 54 for some time now. Can anyone tell me anything about when and where they’re for sale? I’ve traded away my first two "54"s because I just didn’t like the setup that the standard side effects give me. Awesome yoyo but I find myself throwing anything else in my case. I bought an orange peel 54 from their store. It’s hard to let it just sit there since I paid so much for it.
I hear stories about they will be in this store or that store, but they never show up (or maybe sold out when I look?). I’m afraid that this will be my last “Side Effect” yoyo if they are this hard to find. I’ll give it a little while longer, then look for it in the BST board just like my first two. Thanks for listening to my rant/question. Any Help???

I too can get somewhat frustrated at the availability of OD products. They are in such high demand that things are pretty tight sometimes.

I have visited the OneDrop shop in Eugene recently, and can tell you first hand that a new batch of side-effects are currently in production. These items, although cheap, are precision-machined and take time to produce.

Where to buy? Look at online yoyo sites such as this one that carry OneDrop. You can also try direct from the manufacturer if you can’t find them at the e-tailer.

Yea, I get all that. I look almost daily and never anything. Guys at the local yoyo club are on the hunt too. I would be happy just to find some to TRY at this point. I’ve even posted in several B/S/T threads with no luck. I think that the 54 is the last side effect yoyo I will ever buy. I’m trying to be patient but it’s kinda like buying a new XBox and then being told there’s only 2 games to choose from.

I’m hoping they’re holding on to some for their new releases coming up. If not then I’m taking my chances in the BST forum.

Yes, as long as the CNC machines do their job without a jam or glitch ;-).

I do not in any way claim to speak for OneDrop. The original post was lamenting the lack of side-effects and his not wanting to wait indefinitely for more. I only was relating the fact that they recently showed me a bunch of side-effects that were in production. No secret, I hope, just letting the guy know that they were on the way to e-tailers soon.

I don’t mean any ill will toward one drop. I guess they’re victims of their own success. I appreciate the fact that they don’t release ANYTHING unless it meets their high standard of quality. Hopefully patience will win out.