NEW One Drop Side Effects... FLAT!!!!

I stopped by the One Drop shop yesterday and got a cool suprise… NEW SIDE EFFECTS!!!
54 new side effects by miketheturtle, on Flickr

Here they are placed on my 54

As you can see, they are FLAT… and look pretty stinking cool…
They don’t sit flush against the throw - which gives it a great sense of depth…

They weigh in at 7g
so thats 2g heavier than the spikes
and about 2-3g lighter than the average brass (depending on if you have ultralights, spikes or Code1’s)
so if you’re looking for something inbetween the regular weights and the brass - grab these puppies!
makes my 54 feel like a new beast!

How deep are they in the cup? Could the string get caught in them? I can see that being both a problem and a doorway to new tricks though I would be hard to use them for tricks.

No, the string couldn’t get caught in them… they are pretty deep. they sit up about as high as the top of the domes do. The spikes stick out further then the flats do.

Please please PLEASE tell me those are like Z-Stacks, or else I am going to cry myself to sleep.

I believe they are not. The RSMs are basically one drops z stacks have fun finding some

Sorry, nope… they are stationary

First of all, I have to say incredible photo! That specific 54 really looks amazing in high quality resolution.

About the new SE: Yes this is the new disc based and what Turtle just said is all true.

I’m not exactly sure of the reasonings for this specific SE, but I have a feeling in the future you will see specific releases with different forms of artwork on it and or maybe splashed colours?

Only the future can tell.



They look pretty cool though. Like Zammy said, having a flat faced SE could come in handy for all sorts of designs, which, knowing OneDrop, will mean epicness. I don’t think I could get over them covering the inner cup’s design, though, cause I always love the little designs OneDrop puts there.

Maybe they will come with the new hourglass shaped throw!

David mentioned that they may go on the Cascade, and maybe some of the Code2’s they have in shop - while I was there they had some Subterranean C2’s that he pointed out that they’d look good in.

I’m not an expert when it comes to inner weight, rim weight, etc… and I don’t know how much they truly change that dynamic, compared to spikes and such, but I love how my 54 feels with them. I have used ultra lights, spikes and brass in it - the discs will be staying put, it just feels right. I have a second set, so I will play around with my other side effect throws…

Looks good to me!!

Yow. I didn’t realize they were so wide.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Looks real good… I like the black on black… but if the disc could be opposite (silver/bare with a black OD logo) that would be sick…

I love how it looks, can’t wait to see them in colors

Spin shot…
New Disk side effects on 54 by davetefft, on Flickr

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Where can you buy them?

Used right now, One Drop is making more though, I’m sure.

That black on black looks K-I-L-L-E-R!!!

So just out of curiosity why are they called RSM’s (which from what ive heard stands for rotating side members) if they cant rotate (other than from the yoyo spinning). It’s early so its very possible I’m missing something here.

Those aren’t Rotating Side Members, these are. These have bearings under the black caps.

Thanks for clearing things up.