OD RSM side effects


Does anyone know what happened to them? Were they discontinued because I cannot find them anywhere.


Keep looking! They’re extremely difficult to come across.


Good luck finding them, and when you do be prepared to pay a hefty price. I sold mine a few months back for $95+shipping


Yes, they are discontinued. I believe it’s because One Drop feared that YoYoFactory would sue them due to the similarity to their hubstacks.

If you do manage to find a pair on the BST or somewhere, expect to pay over 5 times the price of regular side effects. The only two I’ve seen that have been sold on the BST were both sold for over $80


Sue us? Nahh.

They aren’t made anymore because they’re so tough to machine.


I could imagine so! But I bet you would make a killer amount of money of you found ways to make it easier and produce them.


If people are paying $80+ to get them second (third, fourth) hand then it would probably be a good investment to make more and bump the MSRP!


RSM’s are the CLYW Peak of SE’s.

They are super-rare and way over-hyped because of the rarity. As I remember there were only 25 sets made (is my memory totally wrong?). I sold my SE collection, containing a set of RSM’s for big$.

Unless you are a collector; the price of these are not justified by the play. Just like YYF hubstacks, the idea is much more interesting than the reality of playing them. How much do you play your hubstacks? That is about as much as I played with my RSM’s.

I will say, however, that if you like hubstacks, the RSM’s - minus the Delrin discs - are the best hubstacks ever made. They are the Rolls-Royce of hubstacks. Maybe that is why YYF disliked them so much?


Have you tried an epic?


Only thing YYF has a patent on is how the hubstacks are put on the throw. They were never put into production b/c they were very heavy and hard to machine.


I remember them saying that machining the RSM Delrin discs was very difficult.