October release for Yeti?

But they aren’t the death grip kind right?


I’m going to assume a few things here.

First, I don’t think CLYW purchased the equipment to do their own plastic molding. That doesn’t make good financial sense to me. However, I’m sure he was charged for the custom molding dies used to create the Yetis. That makes sense, because it would be a customer-specific item. Those molds can be very expensive.

A product I helped develop, I had some restrictions to work with:
1: They had a pre-established case, used on a bunch of product lines. They had a top module mold, a bottom mold(for thinner products) and a bottom module mold. All parts could be linked together. Back panels were not quite as modular, but there were a few layouts I could choose from to make the product work. They also had the machinery in house to custom cut/drill the back panels to different specifications if so needed. My design use an existing case and back panel, just better “guts”.

Not exceeding available space wasn’t a problem. Since I was working with properly sized circuit boards that fit the cases, I didn’t have to worry about the circuit designs exceeding allowable space.

Since no new molds had to be developed(they haven’t developed a new case for this series in as far back as I can remember, and that’s a LONG time), costs were kept down.

I can’t see CLYW needing to spend anything except for the mold(s), raw materials. any set-up time, possibly feels for cleaning up stuff and possibly equipment operation time. Well, that and boxing it up and having it shipped. As I said, the molds are very expensive. I don’t know how costly his plastic material is, but from what I understand, it’s not exactly the cheapest material He’s not machining his yoyos in-house, so why produce plastics in-house? Buying those massively expensive machines just would drive costs through the roof.

I think companies are seeing that to stay in the game, one needs to have products available to reach a wider audience. How can prices be reduced? Plastic yoyos! Not everyone wants to spend $120+ on a CLYW. A $45 or under plastic is much easier to obtain. C3 is doing it. One Drop is doing it. Now CLYW is doing it the best they can.

Yes we only bought the molds and colourant. Everything else gets charged to me a on per piece basis for production runs. How it normally works.

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