October release for Yeti?

Last I heard the Yeti was being released again in October. Now that its October, does anyone know when? Are they still coming out this month?

Chris is on his own and has a lot of other releases coming up so my guess would be the end of the month.

Who knows? I know he was waiting on the new spacers, so whenever they come in and he gets them installed. Hopefully he has had time between designing AC2.

I’m very sure Chris, YYE and other sources like facebook, twitcher, ect. Will explode with the best that the yeti is coming. So don’t worry Chris hasn’t forgotten and is working as fast as possible!

I thought he said he had thousands of (tight) spacers to use before he would put in a new order. Maybe I just misread something.

I think he got rid of the YYF spacers cuz they suck and got some better ones.

Yeah he has a lot on his plate. So we have the AC2,Gnarwhal 2 and Puffin 2, the we have the Yeti, Bonfire and eventually Chucks signature.


Your favorite overused word :wink:

Yeah he has a lot on his plate. So we have the AC2,Gnarwhal 2 and Puffin 2, the we have the Yeti, Bonfire and eventually Chucks signature.

Buy expensive equipment designed for mass production, get molds made, start making yoyos in tiny quantities and overpricing them guaranteeing you’ll never get a return on your investment. lol not sure what Chris’s strategy is here.

I think your idea is wrong … There are a mass of black yeti yoyo in process Chris is the only one assembling them and has expressed that the next drop will be a much larger number available so we don’t run into what happened last time. Chris is one man and can only assemble so many yoyos at any given time, he also has other yoyos coming up and needing to go out as well that seem to take precedence over the yeti for now.

You (and others that share your train of thought) act as if Chris wanted things to go this way. Business is about making money and not taking such a huge hit like Hris would if he weren’t releasing anymore yeti yoyos. He has expressed several times and in several places that there will be more yeti yoyos and there wl be a plethora once they drop .

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So again, the Rally has more parts, requires more machining, and more assembly time, yet OD have no problem pumping them out. Why? Well i’d say a big reason is that they hired Paul Dang to help out. Chris either has nothing better to do and doesn’t think his time would be better spent not assembling thousands of yoyos by hand, or thinks no one else is capable of assembling them as well as him, either way i’m not sure why he wouldn’t hire someone to work on assembly while he dedicated his time to more proactive tasks. Then again i’m sure he’s thought of all this as he’s clearly a smart business-savvy guy and we don’t actually know how things work there, but either way these things should be showing up at the stores by the thousands by now.

With your ideas Chris is out to lose money and and is out to create chaos?

Paul dang isn’t the only guy at one drop but that seems to you to be of no consequence.

So according to your thoughts I have to guess you believe that Chris is causing a supply crisis or is just being lazy?

Chris is the only one at CLYW period. Why he hasn’t hired someone is anybody’s guess but he has his reasons, and have you thought that maybe between his personal life (what if there are some really pressing issues that take a big portion of his time when he isn’t dealing with pressing and immediate stuff for release that has come since the drop of the first rally drop?), is there a possibility he is havi g second thoughts about the yeti since it’s caused a lot of trouble and stress in our community (he has said he regrets even bringing the yeti to fruition because of the stress and troubles it’s caused.).

Is there any room in your ideals and philosophy for other plans, ideas, & course corrections? You seem to have some chip on your shoulder concerning the yeti i don’t why, but CLYW isn’t One Drop nor do they share any similarities beyond making high quality yoyos, and kid butt plastic yoyos tha are sougt after, & and business woes and life troubles that non of us are free from.

Please tell me where you start to has a little area in your thoughts for compassion and not just greed (for a yeti) and criticism (towards a business trying to do the best it can to keep all areas afloat).

Signing off studio jones Jr.

I don’t know if you realize this but everything he’s sold have been testers he decided not to put into production and the rest he’s waiting on snap fit spacers to fit his customers standards

I thought Chuck and Jensen helped out with that kind of stuff. I know I’d be more than happy to do it. Just send the stuff to Minneapolis, and I’ll assemble them free of charge. Just pay freight. I have a strong attention to detail, so it would be done right.

Jensen is on hiatus taking much needed time away and chill out and as far as I know chuck isn’t helping as Chris has said several times he is alone in assembly and every yeti passes through his hands I ensure they meet his standards before they go out.

The CLYW attention to detail/quality is something I love but I think applying the same strategy to what should be a mass produced plastic is not the best decision. I’m not sure if he planned to have the Yeti be a 1 man show when he purchased all the equipment and set the wheels in motion but it will simply just take however long it takes.

I know tons of people are champing at the bit for a Yeti and although I’d like a white one or something neat at some point, I would much rather see new metals released. I would suspect that it is in Chris’ best interest to release more metals as the holiday season approaches and I would bet that if you gave the masses the choice between a big run of Yetis or the first run of a new metal (or two or three) they would pick the metal too. Eventually we’ll get to have our cake and eat it too but for now we may have to wait on the Yetis for obvious reasons.

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Will the new spacers fit in YYF yoyos?

There YYF spacers so I’d say yes…