Nutty for 365

I’m sure a lot of people already know about but it doesn’t seem to get talked about a lot. I don’t know why that is, but I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone what an awesome resource this is. Fixed axle tricks? Ed’s 56 are in there. Wacky seemingly-impossible stuff? There’s that in spades if you want a challenge.

The only drawback is that it’s not super well organized. Luckily, Steve Brown made some use of Tags, so it’s not completely without filters. For instance, you like Guy Wright… click the Guy Wright tag and you see all of his tricks plus one by Steve that’s in the style of Guy Wright:

Ditto for the other players. There are tags that describe certain styles of play, too, like “repeater”:

I think it would be in Steve’s best interest to have working categorization (clicking “Single Yoyo” in the top menu is a 404, as are the other options) as well as tagging strategy and go through the videos one by one to make sure they’re used consistently… but I mean, what’s there already is a superior resource for amazing tricks by fantastic players.

Just sayin’. Those of you looking to break the mold a bit but who still enjoy cribbing other people’s styles or elements… this provides a much more focused goldmine of tutorials than YouTube.

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My main problem is that the tutorial aren’t really tutorials, just slo-mo.

I wanted to learn some of Spencer Berry’s stuff as well as a bunch of Steve Brown stuff but it was a bit too fast.

Tutorial=watching a slomo 100 times.

That’s how I learned Brent stole and many other tricks anyways.

A fair point. “Tutorials” might not be the right word. But certainly the slo-mo helps!

Still love this as one of our best resources for learning non-canonical tricks and elements.

I like that Mr. Brown has other people on the roster so we can see a variety of styles. I wish they had a 4A or 3A player.

Guy Wright’s “stilts” has SO much flow. Gotta learn that, looks like if has some good elements to build off of.

Aw man, that is flowtastic! Got some sidestyle “seasick-ish” elements… I should learn Seasick so that I’m not intimidated to tackle that style of element. :wink:

Here it is for the lazy:

Guy Wright can make rocks flow.

That video literally put him right up there in my idols list. Now I really want a punchline XD.

Punchline (PunchLine? Punch Line?) is my favourite yoyo. After I first got it, I would have said “by far” but now that I’ve sobered up from the “new favourite yoyo love,” I would still say that it’s my favourite, just not “by far”. :wink: Too many great yoyos out there for it to be that much of a gap.

Guy Wright’s “landmark” video was The Letter Blue:

(some comment says it’s not the original music but frankly I don’t know the difference…) Keep in mind that this is 2007 so a lot of the elements were groundbreaking. They hold up rather well today.


365 continues to turn out great stuff. Rafael Matsunaga is quickly becoming a favourite of mine, too:

I think I saw that vid a while ago, but I was too new to fully appreciate all the elements. Such a boss, he is.

I love Guy Wright’s style. You don’t see enough grinds these days. Anyway, here is the original video with the original song. It’s on Elliot Jackson’s channel, because he filmed it.

and here is another classic from Elliot’s channel:

I had other stuff I wanted to post, but I’m going to stop right there. I get a little “nutty” when we start talking about Guy Wright. ::slight_smile:

I just moved from a Tumblr to a WordPress site this year…the switch was made specifically to better organize the site, but I have a lot of backlog that I need to get in and manually fix up.

The top navigation will be first on the list, but the site organization will still be entirely tag-based so you can search by play style, player, manufacturer, and a couple of specific and recurring modifiers like suicide or repeater. I do have some additional modifiers that I’d like to go back and add but…man, hard to find the time. If anyone would like to volunteer to help go through the backlog and get things in order, drop me a PM…I’d really appreciate the help!

Really glad to see that people are keeping an eye on it and following along! I noticed a few people saying they were disappointed that the videos weren’t better “tutorials”…that was never my intention with the project. It was always just meant to be a trick archive…a way to keep tricks from getting lost, and a way for them to be catalogued and some scrap of their origin/history to be preserved. I’ve personally got over 500 tricks filmed and uploaded so far…there’s absolutely no way in heck I could ever remember all of those tricks. I can go back and watch videos from 6 months ago and not remember what I did, but it’s archived and I can re-learn it.

I have always hated the idea of things being lost. This is my small attempt to archive what I can.

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