Just saying

I have recently fallen into a rut with throwing, no new ideas or elements seem to interest me.

So I took a look a Guy Wrights videos. Whenever I watch him, no matter what it is, Pill, juggling, or yo-yoing, I always laugh because I’m just in awe of what he’s doing. Casual but perfect.

No matter what is the new “cool” element of yoying, slacks, tech, picture tricks, bangers, Wright always impresses, even though nearly all of the content is over a year old.

I think every thrower should watch Wright and take a note of what yo-yoing should be.


I agree with this.

I also agree with this! Thank you for bringing it up. Nate Sutter does this for me as well. Guy Wright and Nate Sutter videos inspired me long ago and the two of them together in their battle videos continue to inspire. Brilliant stuff.

I agree. Guy’s one of my greatest inspirations. I learned everything about flow and smoothness from watching his tricks. He’s a legendary thrower.