I feel this needs to be posted.


Seriously the best yoyoing video of all time. The tricks are pretty insane. You gotta admit.

Guy Wright, you’re my hero. ::slight_smile:


Guy wright is just amazing. And he has a c22?!

Guy Wright gets what he wants. :smiley:

Wow! That boy, nope, MAN needs therapy :slight_smile:

The Best Guy Wright vid ever.

Another Good one

More Guy Wright action…

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I couldn’t agree more.

Everyone on team SPYY has such amazing smoothness and flow to the point where its no longer a hobby but an art form! Especially Guy Wright and Nate Sutter.

Yeah. Guy is so innovative and really pushed tricks to what they are today. I love his style, it’s like absolutely perfect. He’s my favorite player after Jensen, because Jensen, is well… Jensen.

And yes The Letter Blue is stunning. haha