Guy Wright on SPYY

From YYN.

Guy Wright is just so awesome. One of my biggest sources for information.

I would think YoYoFactory would pick him up.

What ever, go Guy Wright!

Nah, SPYY are picking up the most awesome players.

I just thought, I never see Guy using that many SPYY yoyos.

He made a video for the Catch 22, but not any SPYY yoyos.

He did make a video for the Skyy chaser, but then again his “The Letter Blue” video he used only 888’s

He made a video where he used a Peak too, and CLYW didn’t sponsor him. I can’t remember seeing any SPYY videos from Ed Haponik before the Flying V(ideo). Videos is only a small manipulated piece of reality. He is only behind the camera with the C22 for 3 minutes, that does not say that he loves YYF and would only want to be sponsored by them.

SPYY has the most awesome team next to Duncan IMO. And Guy fits right into it. I think that Guy is a better fit for SPYY than for YYF. SPYY’s team is just on a whole other level of awesomeness, and so is Guy.

Addment: He did make the Skyy video though :stuck_out_tongue:

True, I would just think he’d be on YYF, but now I get it.

Awesome, just…awesome… :o

Happy Throwing! =]

I didn’t want to stop watching that video I loved it so much. It was amazing, cool music too. Thanks for posting that gm user!

Awesome! I’m glad he finally got sponsored.

So now the SPYY team is:

  • Jonathan Robinson
  • Ed Haponik
  • Guy Wright

Right? (No pun intended)