What is to come of the SPYY team?

They’ve got some great players, and I’m wondering what they’ll all do now that the company is done.

Well Ed was sponsored by werrd a couple of weeks ago

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And Sebby is with Duncan now

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Alexis wants to be indy, I believe he’s concentrating on school, doesn’t come to meets much anymore.

Someone told me that Alexis was interested in CLYW but I guess that changed

I’m wondering where Guy Wright and Nate Sutter are headed.

I think he plans on going independent for a while.

They were all amazing. They’ll find their place with another company I’m sure.

I kinda want nate to end up on C3. Just seems like a good fit to me

This thread might’ve been a thread worth reading in July, when they went out of business. A little late now, don’t you think?

Since some players have already gotten sponsored the only one I care to keep track of is Guy Wright, who I assume will remain unsponsored.

I don’t see why it can’t be brought up now. But whatever.

Gosh I kind of can’t imagine Guy anywhere except for SPYY. Madhouse maybe. Nothing seems exactly right.

That’s exactly why it is better now then July, now we can find out who is sponsored/headed where instead of just speculation and rumors.

Straight up^^^^ you don’t have to be a douche about it, I was just wondering. Gawd.

I see Alexis and Guy staying unsponsored for a while. Alexis might go to like KingYoStar (I might have spelled that wrong) or maybe CLYW. Those are the only ones that feel right to me. It is his decision though so whatever’s good with me. I don’t see Guy really trying to get sponsored again, for some reason. He might though. Again, it’s up to him. Nate going back to Duncan would be cool too. But we’ll see for all three I guess.

Wright seems like a CLYW kinda guy. Nate I wouldn’t mind seeing on Anti-yo but when was the last time they sponsored anybody.

Guys going to get sponsored by Terra Kendamas.