Top Free Agents

If yoyoing was seen as an official sport, then of course there would be free agents (people not currently signed on a team).

Who do you think are the top free agents right now? Who would you want on your team?

Patrick Canny
Chase Baxter

Michael Stecz

Michael. Ferdico.

(I still believe he isn’t sponsored)

Forgot Josh Yee and Ryan Gee.

Alex Gallimore, Patrick Canny, Ferdico


So madhouse went out of business? And heres mine. I’m leaving out all SPYY players.

1.Chase Baxter
2.Alex Gallimore
3.Ryan Gee

One player who if gained a little confidence on stage could win nats. A player who has the potential to place high for a national title. And someone who is probably one of the most innovative people in the yoyo community. I’d say that would be a good line up.

Alex Gallimore.

Alex Gallimore
Michael Stecz
Darnell Hairston (not sure if sponsored. correct me if I’m wrong)

alex jv

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Madhouse is taking a break, from what I hear from authorized sources.

Oh yeah Darnell. His stuff is absolutely incredible. He dropped YYF earlier this year (?) and seems to be shooting for a certain Canadian sponsorship.

Alexis JV for sure.

Keiran cooper is now a free agent hes pretty good but i like alexis j v zammy and ryan gee also

Me? :smiley:

Alex Gallimore, Alexis JV, Michael Ferdico

What he said^

Alex Gallimore is boss.

U guyz r stoopid

Yuuki Spencer


I believe Keiran is sponsored by Yoyobestbuy.

Alex Gallimore
Stephen Fuentes
Alexis JV