Steve Browns 365YoYoTricks Archive

Reposting this here for @unklesteve because its such a special project if you missed it!

In 2011, I started a project called I filmed and posted a new, original yoyo trick every day for a year. A few of the tricks were old favorites I’d never really committed to video, but for the most part I made up something new every day. It was really fun, but also kind grueling. In 2012 I invited some friends to join, and in 2013 we did it again before I put the whole thing to bed.

A few years later, some of the bands who’s music was used in the videos (I got permission, I swear!) changed their publishers and I got a slew of copyright strikes and Vimeo shut down the account. I had like 48 hours to get everything downloaded before it was deleted forever. I got most of it.

Like a year or two ago I decided to start trying to upload the clips to Instagram, and then quickly got dinged for music use there as well.

Early on I did compilation videos so that you could see a full month of tricks at once. Three of those are up on my personal YouTube channel now for your enjoyment. I have to dig around on old hard drives and see if there are more I can find, and also I would love to make the time to salvage the footage I saved and make monthly compilation videos out of all the rest for posterity. I cannot forsee when I’ll actually have time to do that, but if any of you are super keen on helping with that, hit me up!

In the meantime…here’s three months worth of cool-■■■ tricks from 2011 that I’ll have to re-learn since I’ve pretty much forgotten all of them.





I would love to see some of the old Spencer berry video tuts. I think they were all deleted because of music copy rights


Some pure gold in there.


Yeah - maybe @unklesteve has them! :crossed_fingers:


Are you tell me I need to start a harassment campaign on @unklesteve and Spencer berry to give the people the tuts we need?

Don’t you tempt me with a good time !


For sure.

I had heard it said that nobody has made and named as many tricks as Steve Brown. I love how these are all named tricks, and the names are so fitting and as awesome as the tricks!

For all the hubstacked yoyos, you see so little done with the hubstacks, so it’s a treat to see all that 5a done with them!


If not, I saved the entire 365 project. My internet was horrible at home at the time, but work was super fast, so I was saving them to watch and learn later.


I’ve got an old hard drive I need to try and get working, I know I’ve got a bunch of old videos saved as well. It was kind of a bummer coming across @DocPop‘s list of the greatest videos of all time (posted in like 2017 I think?)and seeing like 20% of the videos w/ dead links :frowning:


Just muting the audio is not an option?

I think the problem is they changed how the moderate music and deleted the videos and many people didn’t have back ups readily accessible to upload .


I made a vid of all my entries from 2012 (with the original eH!) but a bunch of my favorites were from the next year and I haven’t seen those again. Good times!


WOW!!! So Great @edhaponik!!!

Inspired me to work on a ‘Man and His Pants’ variation while I cooked dinner tonight.

Is that you playing the bass in the soundtrack?

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I mean Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, and Marcus Miller, so… sure close enough.
Lol I WISH :joy:


Well I’d bet Vic Wooten would be as impressed with your yoyo play as you are with his bass play!!!


Once I finish digging I might hit you up if I’m missing any days.


Just let me know :+1:t2:

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These names are as good as the others! Smallpox Blanket!? That’s sheer genius!!!

@unklesteve did you or @edhaponik name these?

This is one of those, lifetime of content threads. For mere mortals like me, it’s 365 years…


I def named my own but would frequently ask Steve or Drew for help lol. They’re good like that.

Lol “Mossy Loam of the Dais” springs to mind. Pretty sure I asked @unklesteve to help with that one and it was some ridiculous phrase in a story he was reading to his kids. My wife and I also have a 20+ year running game of “that’s your band name” where we’ll see some weird combination of words (“Coosawatchie Terrace” was one from last week lol) and we’ll be like “THAT’S YOUR BAND”. So a lot of those end up trick names too lol.