The End of

Thanks for the site, Steve. I can’t imagine how much work it took to do it. I’m gonna miss it, but I totally understand why you’re dropping it. Thanks again.

P.S. What’s this about GregP?


Greg is some kinda software techy, im sure he helped streamline the search index or some doodad new-fangled tech stuff.

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Why are they ending? The only thing I do on there is look at tricks, I have no idea about them closing. I enjoyed watching the tricks they made up. I even tried to learn some.

Great work on 365. Good luck in future endeavors.

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This part of the article should answer your question…

“My time is filled with fatherhood and husbandhood and running this site and organizing contests and generally doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work to better the yoyo industry and community. So in the interest of making sure that I put all my energy in the best places possible, I’m closing the doors on”

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I didn’t make it everyday but I enjoyed all the days that I did make it to the site. Thank you very much to everyone who ever did anything for that website, especially Steve Brown!

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This was (and is) an awesome contribution to yoyoing. Thanks for having done this, Steve.

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Hey, you never know they could start it back next year.

Thanks for the kind words everyone. :slight_smile:

It was a really fun project, but it eats up at least an hour of my day and I just can’t spare that anymore. I think that hour is better spent on, which seems a more valuable resource for the community at large.

The site will stay up, as an archive of over a thousand original yoyo tricks. GregP has been helping me go through and update the tags on all the tricks to make it easier to search by player, style, or particular kinds of tricks (slack, whip, suicide, body, grind, etc). Which is a ton of work, but at least it gives us both an excuse to go back and watch all the tricks. Ha!

Thanks to everyone who contributed or watched. I’m really proud of it.


Let’s all take a moment to remember possibly the greatest trick to come from 365yoyotricks.

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I have learned so much from that video alone! :wink:


This is sad :’(