number of yoyos you should have

how many good throws should each yoyoer have?

i really dont think there is a limit, as long as you enjoy the yoyos you have all you need is one or two to keep you busy! :slight_smile:


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How high is up?? :wink:

If you are a serious about competing you need at least 2 in the event one tangles midstream in your routine. For casual playing it depends on what you want, need, and can afford.

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Didn’t we just have a thread like this a few days ago?

120 and climbing.


1 good 1A, that can be used for 3A(get 2), and 5A.
A 4A throw.
2 decent loopers.
1 beater Wing-shape set responsive for noobs as a carry around.
1 beater for carry-around set however you want so you don’t have to worry about damages. Walk the dog, anyone?

All the ones you want that you can afford. Easy.

More specific to me, I have something around 20 high end metals, but I usually only keep 4 bearing’d, strung, and ready to go on my living room mantle where I practice. If I get a knot or anything, I just switch to another until all four need to be restrung. So, that’s how many I’d like to think I NEED.

Whatever… ::slight_smile:

The amount that makes you happy

Not happy enough yet!

(can’t find my happy helmet…)

as many as you want

depends on what you want to do. if you compete you should have a couple of the same model in case you get a knot in your string, etc. if its just a hobby for you than its up to you, but have at least one pretty durable one for carry around

I think you should at least … have a case FULL lol

I actually have to get rid of some because … my case is full … (only holds 12 but you can stack so it holds 24) … but now i have so many scattered through out the house and multiple boxes coming in and out. Its getting crazy but I think 20-30 is a good range.

I do agree that you should keep a beater for Noobs lol …

I would say a minimum of 5. Two unresponsive yoyos for 1a, 3a and 5a, two loopers for 2a, and one offstring for 4a

it only takes one yoyo to have a blast

Depends if your mom let’s ya.

I personally get something out of all the yoyos in my collection. If I don’t throw it I usually trade it. Really the only one I keep as a collectible but barely throw is my Dietz smile train. My other Dietz gets almost daily play though.

If I had to limit the number it would probably be 6. One under size, one full size, one quick playing, one relaxed, one pocket, one beater and one grinder.

But if I limited to one each of those types I’d still miss playing many of the other unique ones I’m lucky enough to own.
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Why would you even think there should be a limit ?

America is about choices, therefore it’s Patriotic to own as many YoYo’s as you can responsibly afford. It helps support the industry.

I have 14 at the moment. Not all are good like my One or my Whip, but it is a decent amount.

The number you should have? One

The number you could have? …

The answer is >1

What number of yoyos shouldn’t each yoyoer have?
( I can’t believe I responded to this. Note to self: next time just pass on by) ;D