Number of yoyos owned vs. number of yoyos played.

How many yoyos do you own and of those, how many do you regularly play? For the sake of the question, we’ll define regular play as at least 1/2 to 1 hour per week on a regular weekly basis.

own 4, play 4

Um, lets see. 1,2,3,4… 10 to total owned. I use 5. 3 are loopers though and the sunset trajectory is the best so I only use that. Then I use my Lyn Fury, PGM2, Genesis, and Campfire in that order with campfire most.

Well considering the amount of yoyo’s I own, I need more time than that to play them all in one week. lol

Out of the ten I own I use most of them on a regular basis. Some may get more play than others though.

i own 13 and i have played close to 20

I own six and any day I play with three, but I’m 2 of my 6 are loop 900’s and I only play with one for the moment so hopefully will soon be at least 4 a day.

own 32.
play like 4 or 5.
i can’t help it, but i regularly change my main throw.

I own 15 but I reguarly play 3 or 4 during work days but the weekend i usually get around to all of them.

own 3 play 2. sometimes 3

own 9 only play 3 really
if anyones lookin to buy a trinity, dont
yyf metals are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better
i learned that the hard way :-\

Thats what people like to call an opinion my friend.

I own too many. I play a relative few.

I own 7, but I have 2 Protostars. Long story.
I guess I just use 1 of the Protostars all the time.

I own twenty two, play 10.

Own 7 Play 7

Some might get some extra time over others

Own 16, played hundreds.

Own 20-30 and play them all.

own about 28. Play about 20 of them.

Own 10 and play with them all at least a bit.