Not quite a beginner, looking for a new throw...

Hey everyone,

So I’m not too much of a beginner. I know how to bind, and I can land a couple simple string tricks. I’m using a Velocity right now, but feel like a new and better throw will help me progress. Suggestions? My budget is around 60.


YYF shutter will make it rally easy to learn tricks because of how stable and long spinning and forgiving it is. It will make it easier to learn grinds on too.

I highly recommend the Strix or Raptor. I figured I should recommend these before everyone comes here and starts recommending all these trendy yoyos that are over hyped.

I would go with a Yoyojam Surge first. It’ll take you through pretty much every trick there is. Save the rest of your money for something better in the future.

If you want metal take a look at:
One Drop Benchmark (I prefer the H)
Level 6
Minute (only get this if you like smaller throws)
Magicyoyo N12 (cheapest but not carried at YYE)

If you want plastic look at:
Crazy D

If you want something cheap unresponsive and awesome the $13 speedaholic is fun as well

I agree, the Speedaholic, for a cheep yoyo is excellent and well worth spending the $13. However, for learning you can not beat the YYJ Dark Magic II.