Not much love for the BvM 2?


I don’t hear much, at all, about this yoyo. I have a theory as to why this may be…

I believe it doesn’t get as much love as other new(er) CLYW’s because of it’s name and colorway. I think people associate the Bear vs. Man name with the original version and with players today being obsessed with modern “competition” shapes they overlook that the yoyo does, in fact, have the “competition” shape they yearn for but can’t help but be reminded that the original version is “outdated” and the new one may not be up to today’s standards… I believe if Chris would have given it a different name and colorway it would have been better received.

Am I right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s an excellent yoyo, even for competitions today, but I think it is being overlooked by most, for some reason…

How do you feel?


When I saw pictures of the BvMr2, I couldn’t wait to get it. I thoroughly enjoy this yoyo and have absolutely nothing bad to say about this item. I’m also happy wit the colorway I have.

I also let someone else try it, and they decided that would now be his competition yoyo and he went out and got 4 from YYE. Most other people who have tried it have also liked it.

It’s not a BvM. This is a completely different yoyo. I see no BvM legacy in the BvMr2. So, your statement about the name perhaps being different may have some validity. I think the name is also a link to the fact that it’s the new signature for Seth.

Either way, for CLYW fans and those of great yoyos, this is one worth giving a fair shot to.


How much more love do you need?


I hear what you’re saying. Of course, just by looking at it you can tell it’s nothing like the original. I figure Boyd has something to do with it having the same name. Personally, I have nothing against the name, colorway or yoyo itself. I love it and the original version. I just wondered why it’s not talked about nearly as much as the Chief, Avalanche or whatever the flavor of the week is…

Of course, it’s easier to just come out with a sequel than it is to market a completely new product, but in this case, I think it would have done better with the newer players.


I thin the bvm2 is a good competition yoyo, and throw in general. It’s a powerhouse in the hand and at the end of the string. Good shape and weight. Heck Zach used it to win PNWR and it’s the favorite of Maider, Kurti and Aaron Bendich. It’s a good, stable powerful throw. I got Matsuri edition so I’m pretty happy with it overall. It just doesn’t fit my style as much as some of my other throws do, though.


As An owner of both, it’s just not what I was expecting. The og bvm is an ok Yoyo, but it’s really special because of it’s rarity and history. The bvsm2 doesn’t have much going for it except being really smooth. That bearing said, I really think that the bvsm2 is a great throw, just not for me. I just traded mine off for a mib first run glacier express!


I really liked the look and specs of the OG BvM, even though I had never played one before. Since I hadn’t started using the BST yet, I had no shot at getting an OG BvM, so I was extremely excited when I heard that there was going to be a BvM 2… And then when it was officially announced, the shape and specs were completely different. You can imagine my disappointment. This was the main reason why the BvM did not catch my eye at first…

As far as it “not getting much love”, I would probably attribute that to the fact that it is a rather plain looking design amongst CLYW’s other recent releases. The GE and the Cliff are rather extreme, and the Puffin had some over the top hype behind it due to the Chief+Peak description given by Chris. To drop the BvM 2 after all of that was probably quite underwhelming for most. I’m not dissing the throw AT ALL, that is just my theory on why it didn’t take off as well as the others.


Also, it came out right by the summit. More people seemed to be excited about the one drop x clyw collab over the “newer version” of the bvm.


There is plenty of love for it here. I was raving about it on the forum when I got mine. It’s a great yo-yo. It’s about #3 on my list of the best yo-yos made by CLYW. I enjoy the Chief, Arctic Circle and BVM2 the most. The Cliff is up there too though. I think sales went well for that model, which is all that really counts in my eyes. I think showing “love” is not really what you see on the forum, or Youtube or whatnot. I think it’s “sales” that really show the love. They are out of stock here.
BVM2YYEb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


I agree with your sales comment and the fact they did sell out, but, the truth is, any new CLYW that comes out will sell out quickly just because of the CLYW hype in general. The proof comes out when they don’t sit in the BST for long periods of time and if there is a restock, how long it takes till they sell out… If they do. Also, it depends on how many were in stock to begin with. If there were only 10-15 in stock then “out of stock” doesn’t mean too much to me. (Not saying that’s how many there were, but you get what I’m saying)


Not to be cliche…but I find that with yo-yos…no news is good news. I usually hear things when people are really genuinely disappointed. I usually find that when things are “quiet,” at the very least, expectations have been met.