Not Finished Yet - A Word From our Sponsor

The post was deleted because of the wording. It doesn’t mean it isn’t deserved or that we are defending said person - just that we need to avoid the kind of tone on the forum.

This topic about one person as it stands has gone in circles over and over. I would like to address it once and for all so we can ideally move on from there… But I choose my words carefully and need time to construct my thoughts - I’ll post soon.

In relation to codinghorror and vegabomb - the forum and our community is evolving as all communities do and as does the internet. Vegabomb has been with this community a long time and with that is very protective of what we have built, how we survive as a store, and how things should be in general - rules we have had being enforced, etc. Codinghorror comes from a very different world with some amazing community building skillsets but can be difficult to keep up with as he moves like a speeding bullet through conversations with strong opinions and the mindset that building community is the goal over everything else.

At this point its my job to find a balance and I’m working on it. What I have seen is our community here very much cares at its core about what we do, how we do it, and who is involved and I appreciate that people are bringing their opinions and voicing.

With that said - let’s pivot back to positive conversation and if you need to in the mean time just send me a DM on this topic. I have some decisions to make that I’m not taking lightly about how to best forge into the future and do what is best for our community here.


Felt this needed to be retained even though the original topic was removed.