Not all bad news

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I hope your friends don’t like nice guitars; too😳

Nice skills… I cant even play the radio.

Interestingly; 62 years ago; my uncle Rudy brought a beautiful acoustic guitar back from South America. He handed it to me in front of my parents and said, ‘Of all the nephews in the family; I think you are the one to follow my footsteps as a most excellent guitar player’.

So I went into the bedroom and leaned the guitar in the corner of the bedroom me and my older brother shared. I didn’t give it another thought. 6 months later; I came home from skating and I heard the guitar. My brother was trying to learn a few cords. I asked my parents what’s up with that? My Dad said, ‘Your brother walked all the way across town and bought a cord chart from Vines Music.

Mitch has been playing for over 60 years now.

About 20 years ago; I helped him move from our hometown to Lake Forrest(down the coast). On the last trip down; he gave me the keys to his old place and said, ‘Since you won’t take any money for all this moving we have done; there is one thing left in the corner of the garage. I want you to have it. Maybe it will give you a second wind.

Huh? Whatever…

So; when I got back to town; it was night. I opened the garage and walked back to the corner. Underneath a small canvas was a case. I set it down on the concrete and opened it. It was an Original Fender Jaguar; he had purchased way back when. Featured in several newspaper articles about various Battle of the Bands contests his groups had won.

The plush red velour in the case still smelled like smoke from all the Venues it had visited; haha.

The very next weekend; I was at a High Performance car and bike swap meet. Totally unrelated to most of the swap meet goodies; I stopped and stared directly at a Fender Practice amp. $35? What? I’ll take it.

The guitar and the amp are both sitting on a shelving unit right next to my 1952 Harley Panhead Chopper.

I like the idea of playing the guitar. But it stopped right there; sadly🤓

The end…

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Wow!! Fenders jags are awesome!! And the panhead is my favorite Harley!! hqdefault this is a 1942 panhead, I think it’s the most beautiful motorcycle ever


I feel the same way about it. I used to dabble all the time growing up, learning riffs of my favorite tunes, and it was really fun. I just didn’t have the time to practice to get good.

Speaking of Harley’s, my dad used to own a '48 Panhead. I still have his '93 Cow-Glide (Heritage Softail) that I inherited when he passed and still love taking it out for rides. Spring is here and the carb is still half apart, I need to get on that.


In that facepost thread… that one pic of me on that Orange Harley. That is a 48’ Panhead.

Sorry about your Dad.

My dad is 97 and just fell down and broke his wrist😕

I still like the guitar. I have the original acoustic too. That my Uncle brought up over 60 years ago.

I just can’t sit still long enough to practice😳

Oh well


That’s a Knucklehead🤓

Panheads weren’t made until 1948 through 1965.

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Really??? looks like a pan head,I’ve never seen one in person so

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Learn something new everyday

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I thought that was a softtail…